How Do I Know If I Have OCD

It is normal for people to be different and to have different reactions according to the things and the environment surrounding them. Maybe you like being clean all the time, so you spend more time grooming yourself or cleaning the house than the rest of your friends. Maybe you like to have your belonging in [...]

OCD in Children

OCD has no age limit and can occur even in childhood. The situation of OCD in adults is well-known, but it is staggering when it begins to manifest in children.The difference between adult OCD and children OCD is that adults can tell something is wrong with them, which will eventually take them to a specialist. [...]

What Causes OCD

As in the case of any mental illness, the exact causes of OCD have not yet been discovered. Medical studies try to outline some connection between different types of factors.It is believed that the disease is a combination of multiple factors like genetics, neurological, cognitive and even some environmental factors.Each one contributes, in a smaller [...]

OCD and anxiety

The connection between OCD and anxiety is very close. The very obsession, because of the way OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) manifests, is the one creating a deep feeling of anxiety. The truth is that OCD sufferers live in tension almost their entire time.You should make the following exercise to understand the way an OCD patient [...]