Concept of Treatment for OCD and ADD/ADHD

Both OCD and ADD/ADHD are mental illnesses that presume the fact of abnormal functioning of some parts of the brain. It means the person looks normal, acts mostly normal, can lead a normal life, but with some deviations caused by the symptoms created by these diseases. Since we are not talking about an injury, or [...]

The Difference Between OCD and ADHD

Even if they are both mental illnesses, OCD and ADHD are very different. The main differences can be found in the way these two disorders manifest. ADHD symptoms includes hyperactivity, impulsivity and not being able to remain focused. While OCD regards the development of obsessive and compulsive behaviors, triggered by intrusive thoughts. They both do [...]

How Do I Know If I Have OCD

It is normal for people to be different and to have different reactions according to the things and the environment surrounding them. Maybe you like being clean all the time, so you spend more time grooming yourself or cleaning the house than the rest of your friends. Maybe you like to have your belonging in [...]

OCD in Children

OCD has no age limit and can occur even in childhood. The situation of OCD in adults is well-known, but it is staggering when it begins to manifest in children.The difference between adult OCD and children OCD is that adults can tell something is wrong with them, which will eventually take them to a specialist. [...]