Sleep Disorders

/Sleep Disorders

12 Caffeinated Facts About Caffeine

The world’s most famous and commonly consumed psychoactive drug, many of us, even can’t live without. It is Caffeine.It occurs naturally in many foods and beverages such as chocolate, black, red and green tea, some energy and soft drinks and of course coffee (which it takes its name and bitter taste from).Nowadays, more than 80% [...]

Risky Drugs-Herbs Interactions You Must Know

No doubts there are many beneficial herbs, which considered as dietary supplements.These herbal dietary supplements are provided to us in food, juices or we take its extracts in forms of capsules or powders.But many people ignore the side effects of herbs and its drugs interactions while taking a medication. They believe in nature, and think [...]

9 Reasons to Rethink Before Smoking Again

Smoking, the great lesion which meets acceptance from many people, different ages, genders and even cultures.It is a depraved curse that makes smokers love it and sink, intentionally, deeply into it. However, there are some strong people whom could get rid of this bad habit.In order to help those -non smokers- to stay strong, we [...]

Jet Lag and Night Shift Workers

Jet lag for most people is known as the temporary disorder that happens after traveling across many time zones, it is a minor disturbance of the circadian rhythm responsible for the sleep-wake cycle of the body that soon dissolves in a matter of very few days, however, there is a more consistent type of jet [...]