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Inflamed Gums (Gingivitis) Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Inflamed gums can occur due to various causes. Usually, this gum disease may be accompanied by bad breath or continuous bleeding. This comes with swelling of the gums and this is enough to make you feel the pain and make you uncomfortable throughout the day. When you have an inflamed gum you will not be [...]

All You Need to Know About Headgear Braces

Sometimes, in order to have the teeth we’ve always wanted, there is the need to make some aesthetical compromises. And these compromises come in the shape of the headgear braces. They can help you have well aligned and straight teeth, but for some, these are real medical equipment that will help them from developing more [...]

Sore Gums Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Toothaches are horrible, but the problems caused by gums are bad as well. It makes us feel horrible when we speak, when we eat or drink. So we end up being all grumpy and irritated because of that. Sore gums are something you don’t want. Thus, there is the question what can you do about [...]

Swollen Gums (Causes, Symptoms and Treatment)

Gum is full of blood vessels that carry oxygen and food to the roots of the teeth and other connecting parts of the mouth. Hence, you have to take care of your gum if you want to have a good oral health. The most common gum problem is the swollen gums which may be caused [...]