Surprisingly, Chlamydia is one of the most often sexually transmitted diseases. Why? Because in many cases it doesn’t manifest any symptoms, and people don’t even know they have it. So it can easily pass from one partner to another until it actually shows up its face. A staggering number of 75% of women infected with Chlamydia and about 50% of men never show any signs of infection. So let us go into more detail about Chlamydia, and answer the question “Can You Get Chlamydia From Kissing?“.

Can You Get Chlamydia From Kissing or Oral Sex

Can Chlamydia be transferred through kissing?

By simple kissing, Chlamydia is not transmitted from one person to another. Nor sharing a toilet seat or towels with someone that has it. The bacteria are found in the fluids of the vagina or the semen, so doing nothing but kissing will not spread Chlamydia. Although, it is not certain if playing some games, like touching with a finger the genital area of someone carrying Chlamydia or rubbing the genital areas together might lead to an infection. Getting your finger in contact with bodily fluids, and we are talking here about the ones that are exclusively in the genital area, and not washing hands properly afterwards, might increase the chance of contacting the bacteria.

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Can I get Chlamydia from eating or drinking after someone?

No, eating or drinking after someone else will not get you infected. Saliva is not a carrier of Chlamydia, as mentioned before, the bacteria dwell only in the fluids of the genital areas. Also, sharing objects, like towels, clothes, as long as they are not underwear or bathing suits, cups, cutlery and more, will not get you infected either.

How fast does Chlamydia spread?

The spread of Chlamydia differs very much from individual to another, gender and age. For instance, in the case of women, in about 70-80% of the cases the bacteria present no symptoms, and it may dwell in the organism for months before being discovered. Eventually, it will cause some discomforts and abnormal manifestations as vaginal bleeding, pains in the abdomen area, a painful urination or sexual intercourse. The longer the bacteria will sit in the body, the more damage will it do, and the treatment will be longer and more complicated.

In the case of men, only about half of the cases present any symptoms. Chlamydia is a bacteria that spreads relatively fast because it is helped by the fluids produced in the body. To have an idea of how severe the infection may be, even if it has no symptoms, Chlamydia can spread to the testicles causing complications. This may lead to sterility in the most severe cases, if the issue is not treated within 6 or 8 weeks maximum. So it acts pretty quickly and silent in most situations.

Can you catch Chlamydia from giving or receiving oral sex?

Sexual intercourse is the most certain way of spreading Chlamydia between partners, especially if you don’t use a condom. There is no risk of getting infected if you only receive oral sex. But if you give oral sex, then you are facing a significant risk of collecting Chlamydia very easily. In men, you can avoid this situation by covering the penis with a condom, before giving oral sex, as it acts as a barrier to the potentially infected fluids. In women, it is harder to cover up the area, so if you don’t know your partner too well, it would be wise to avoid giving oral sex, because the risk of getting Chlamydia is very high.

Signs and symptoms of oral Chlamydia

You must remember that most men and women present no symptoms of Chlamydia infection. So don’t wait for anything to happen or to hurt. Go get the screen for sexually transmitted diseases periodically, especially if you don’t have a steady partner and you know you played unprotected sexual games. In the case of symptoms of oral Chlamydia, they usually appear in a time interval of one up to three weeks after a person has been exposed to the bacteria.

So, in case they do manifest, you are wondering what the symptoms of orally contacted Chlamydia are. You should know that one of the symptoms is the sore throat. It is very similar to the sore you get when you catch a flu, making food swallowing very uncomfortable. Consequently, patients with Chlamydia infection transmitted through oral sex will lose their appetite. Also, the sore throat will not get cured with the regular sore throat drops, because being a bacterial infection, you will require an antibiotic treatment. So the symptoms will get even worse if not treated correctly. Other symptoms you might experience are some very similar to a flu. Things like fever, pain throughout the body and nausea can appear as well. If you notice these symptoms after a recent sexual intercourse, they might be a sign of Chlamydia infections. Thus, it is wise to see a doctor and receive the appropriate medical care.

Chlamydia testing

Probably the major advantage of a Chlamydia infection, if it may be called like this, is that the disease can be cured simply and fast. The only condition for this, and to avoid any severe complication, is to discover it in a timely manner. Thus, it is crucial to get checked periodically. You should not be ashamed of walking into a medical clinic and ask for a Chlamydia test.

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Your data is completely confidential, and the people there are real professionals that will treat the matter with efficiency and discretion. Besides, being ashamed of what you did will not keep you safe and healthy. If you know, you did something you shouldn’t have done, like unprotected sex or oral sex with a person you don’t know, as the test is more than welcomed. Then, you should always keep in mind that Chlamydia does not manifest itself in most cases, but you can still be contagious and transmit the bacteria to other people as well, through oral sex and unprotected sexual intercourse. So by taking the test you protect yourself and the people around you.

Chlamydia testing is fast and not painful. Most often, the doctor will take a swab from inside the cervix of a woman and urethra of a man. The procedure takes only a few minutes, and it is not too uncomfortable. Also, there are some tests that take urine samples for detecting the presence of Chlamydia. So, there are no reasons not to take this test. Besides, if anything goes wrong, you will only receive a treatment of oral antibiotics, which will cure the infection. Thus, your worries are useless, being a lot more dangerous not to get checked.